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Fiona Le Vien (Alexander Technique)


Fiona Le Vien has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1997. As well as maintaining a private practice she has taught at the Brighton Alexander Technique Teacher Training School, and at Benenden School, Kent. “I believe that we all have the potential to use our body to its full. The Alexander Technique helps us to do this.” Fiona trained in Thai Yoga Massage with Kira Balaskas at The School Of Thai Yoga Massage in London, qualifying in 2003. Please contact Fiona on tel.020 8405 3274 or email [email protected]. Also see

Jane Stevens (Reflexology, Reiki, Natural Face Lift Massage, Indian Head Massage)


Jane has qualified in Reflexology with an ITEC diploma and has also trained in Conception and Pregnancy Reflexology, Facial Reflexology and Aromareflex.  She is a member of the Association of Reflexologists, a regulatory body for Reflexology.  She trained in Reiki in the Usui tradition to Master level.  She has qualified in Natural Face Lift Massage and Indian Head Massage with the London Centre of Indian Champissage.  Jane is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, who maintain standards of practice and teaching in holistic therapies.


Having always been passionate about complementary and alternative therapies,  Jane worked for many years in the British Homoeopathic Association, a charity that promotes the use of Homoeopathy.  She continues to work at various fundraising raising events using her therapy skills.  She practises in Central Croydon, West Wickham and Bromley.  For more information please go to Email [email protected] or contact Jane on 020 8287 5443


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Dionne St Hill (Integrative Therapist, Counselling, Creative Writing)


Dionne is an Integrative Therapist, bringing both a Humanistic and Psychoanalytical way of working to the therapeutic connection she hopes to nurture with you. This means your therapeutic counselling sessions will be led by you, as you choose to explore what feels most important, be they thoughts and feelings tied to the ‘here and the now’ or experiences from the past that feel like they are dominating your present.


As your therapist, Dionne will support you in a gentle and grounded way, as you name the questions in your mind and find your own answers. Passionate about mindfulness, creative visualization, journaling and writing for therapeutic purposes; Dionne can, if you wish, accompany you as you connect to your life story, unpack, write and bear witness to events and emotions that feel like they have shaped you. Be it random unedited free flowing thoughts, stories, letters, poetry or clear biographical narratives, you can experience the freedom writing brings, releasing, creating distance and sharing stories that are inspired by you, rather than imposed by others.


Dionne’s support and therapeutic focus includes working with individuals who historically or currently sex work, those experiencing or troubled by alcohol and or substance misuse or dependency, clients who may self-harm and survivors of sexual violence including rape and childhood sexual abuse. Dionne has a particular interest in the impact of prejudice and oppression and ‘intersectionality’– working with clients who have experienced a collision of discrimination, tied to their self-identifying gender, race, culture, sexuality or faith.


Dionne runs a Creative Writing Club -  a monthly meeting dedicated to writing  for therapeutic purposes. This safe space is dedicated to writing reflectively and sharing in a safe, confidential and supportive group.




For more information or to book a session, please call Dionne on 07415 895626 or email [email protected]


Follow Dionne on Insta @soulpurposecounselling. Feel free to direct message


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Barbara Jurczyk (Integrative Counselling)


I was trained as an Integrative Counsellor. My main approach is a Person-Centred Approach, complimented by a Psychodynamic Approach.


In more simple terms, a Person-Centred Approach is about staying with the ‘here and now’, and believing that clients know the answers to their own problems. This empowers clients to find resources within themselves and to develop self-help tools which they can then use in their own lives- allowing them to fulfill their true potential.


Psychodynamic Approach, on the other hand, is about our unresolved, internal conflicts, often rooted deeply in our early childhood experiences, locked in our subconscious. Experiences, which impact and merge with our present, without our own awareness.      


To use a metaphor, a Person-Centred Approach to therapy is a journey towards self-discovery. You are a guide and I am your companion. It is a journey about you and your agenda. It is up to you how fast or slow you want to walk and I will in turn, follow your pace. I will walk with you in the light and in the dark. And, I will visit with you places which seem filled with joy and happiness. And, if you wish to take me there, those which may seem forgotten, filled with pain, grief, shame or anger.


Reflecting on my own experience of being in therapy, I believe finding the right therapist sets yourself on the journey towards healing.


A safe, open, warm and non-judgemental atmosphere is where the work begins. There is no magic pill or fix.


On the contrary, this journey requires a willingness to welcome change in our life. And at times we may feel ‘stuck’, frustrated, or tired of waiting for the results of our work.


But if we trust the process, we will soon discover it’s our opportunity for authentic transformation. In therapy we can use pain as a vehicle for a positive change. We learn how to develop a healthy relationship with our ‘wounds and scars’ without being terrified by them. Therapy supports and increases our self-awareness and self-growth.  


One of my clients once said: ‘At the end, I found peace within’ which really gives the essence of what therapy is about.


When our mind, body and spirit are united, we feel wholeness within.


In counselling I use my integrative approach to adapt and accommodate to an individual client’s needs. I believe that one size does not fit all.


I provide counselling in both English and Polish.


For more information contact me on 07735247243 or email: [email protected]