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Reflexology can be traced to ancient Egypt, dating back to 2330 BC. However it is thought that the treatment was commonly received in China, India and Japan. Reflexology is a gentle and non-invasive form of complementary therapy often described in the West as Zone Therapy. By using firm and accurate thumb or finger compression techniques on reflex areas located in both hands and feet, reflexology can stimulate every part of the body, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation.

Feet and hands are a complex mechanical structure which map the entire body into reflex areas (hence the name Reflexology). It is believed there are over 7200 nerve endings in the sole of the foot.

Excess acidity can be triggered by stress and influence blood calcium levels and uric acid (most commonly known as crystals) to travel through the bloodstream and weaken all body systems. These crystals will generally be stored in the reflex areas located in both hands and feet.

By massaging and dispersing the crystals parked around nerve endings, reflexology promotes the reabsorption of crystals by the blood and lymph system. It stimulates the natural discharge of waste from the body, restoring energy flow within each related zone of the body.

As a Reflexology practitioner you always approach conditions in a very holistic and non judgemental way. A physical discomfort is often the manifestation of an emotional imbalance. Life can be challenging and difficult at times. However one thing is for sure, your body doesn’t make mistakes.

By developing an understanding of the possible cause behind your condition, you are empowered with practical tips and personalised insights to help you manage your health more effectively. “A healthier Today, means a brighter Tomorrow”

With a particular interest in Maternity Reflexology and Cancer recovery, Nick Pivot now adapted his approach to treatment to suit all his clients needs and expectations, from minor ailments to pain management of long term conditions.

Nick Pivot is a fully qualified therapist, registered with the British Reflexology Association (BRA) and a member of CNHC (the regulating body for complementary therapies in the UK)

If you want to find out how you can benefit from Reflexology or book an appointment Please contact Nick Pivot on 07952578520 or email info@captherapies.co.uk.

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